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Overhead Projector Cost Prices Nairobi Kenya| Vandeberg Imaging Supplies

Overhead Projector Cost Prices Nairobi Kenya Vandeberg Imaging Supplies

Overhead projectors are a popular tool used to make presentations in various settings such as classrooms, boardrooms, and conferences. They have been around for decades but remain relevant due to their simplicity and effectiveness.


An overhead projector is a device that projects images or texts onto a screen or wall using light bulbs and lenses. It works by placing an object on the surface called a stage or platen, which reflects light through the lens onto the projection surface.

In today's digital age where there are numerous presentation tools available like laptops, tablets, and smartphones equipped with projectors, overhead projectors still hold their own unique place in the market due to their simplicity and low cost.

Types of Overhead Projectors

There are three main types of overhead projectors namely:

1) Transparency Projector

Transparency projectors use transparent sheets known as transparencies that are printed or written on using special pens/markers designed for this purpose. The image on the transparency is projected onto a screen or wall.

2) Opaque Projector

Opaque projectors produce an enlarged image by shining light through an object placed on its stage. These objects can be anything from books to photographs to three-dimensional objects.

3) Slide projector

Slide projectors use photographic slides instead of transparencies or opaque objects to display images on screens or walls. In this case, light passes through the slide onto the projection surface.

Factors Affecting Overhead Projector Cost Prices

Various factors affect how much an overhead projector costs both locally and globally. Here are some common factors:

1) Brand name and quality

The brand name plays a significant role in determining how much an overhead projector will cost you. More renowned brands tend to charge more than new entrants into the market who may offer lower-priced alternatives.

Quality also affects pricing since high-quality products often come at higher prices than average ones.

2) Features and specifications

Different models come with varying features affecting pricing differently; specific features such as brightness levels can affect how much you pay for your device.

Other essential specs include connectivity options (wired/wireless), portability (weight), resolution (image clarity), among others.

3) Bulb life and replacement costs

Overheads require lamps/bulbs that need replacing after they burn out periodically; these replacements come at additional costs depending on their lifespan.

Average Cost Prices of Overhead Projectors in Nairobi, Kenya

When buying an overhead projector in Nairobi Kenya, various brands' availability ranges from low-end devices costing Kshs 10k ($100) up to high-end ones going up to Kshs 60k ($600).

Suppliers usually stock different types: transparency/ opaque/slide models – each priced differently based on specs offered.

Benefits of Buying Overhead Projects From Vandeberg Imaging Supplies

Vandeberg Imaging Supplies is one store that offers all sorts of visual equipment like video conferencing systems, screens/projector mounts stands & other accessories. Here are some benefits customers enjoy when shopping here:

Quality products with warranty

All our products come with warranties for assurance against any defects/hardware issues that may arise during usage timeframes specified therein.

Competitive prices

We believe that every customer deserves access to affordable supplies without compromising quality; hence we ensure competitive prices while maintaining items' high standards.

Excellent customer service

Customer satisfaction remains our top priority; hence we provide excellent after-sales services like installation/training sessions & timely responses regarding any concerns raised via our contact channels.


In conclusion, investing in an overhead projector has numerous benefits compared to expensive digital presentation equipment & software. By considering factors such as price range/specifications/brands - you can easily choose which model suits your needs best. Moreover sourcing these items from credible suppliers such as Vandeberg Imaging Supplies guarantees product authenticity/high standards/cost-effective deals plus great support services post-purchase!


1) How do I know which type Of overhead projector To buy?

There's no one-size-fits-all answer here since different users have varying needs/preferences when it comes to features/budget etc.; however - consulting experts like those at Vandeberg Imaging Supplies could make things easier!

2) Can I get financing options When buying from Vandeburg imaging supplies?

Yes! We offer flexible payment plans/leasing arrangements allowing customers access required equipment/services even when operating under tight budgets!.

3) Do you offer training sessions on how To use-overheads-projector?

Yes! We do – Our team provides client-specific training sessions covering critical aspects like maintenance/tips-to-maximize-device-lifespan/etc..

4) How long does The bulb last For typical over-head-planner Models?

The bulb lifespan varies depending upon usage frequency/quality-of-bulbs/maintenance-levels among other factors - but typically lasts between six months - two years before requiring replacement!.

5) What should I do if My over-head-planner develops hardware defects Within Warranty Period?

Contact us immediately via email/phone call detailing the issue encountered - we'll schedule repairs/replacements within shortest time possible!.

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