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Overhead Projector Repair Service |Vandeberg Imaging Supplies

Updated: Mar 23, 2023

Overhead Projector Repair Service +254720556824 +254777556824|Vandeberg Imaging Supplies

If you are looking for a reliable and efficient overhead projector repair service provider in Nairobi, Kenya, then look no further than Vandeberg Imaging Supplies. We offer top-notch projector repair services to keep your business or educational institution running smoothly.


Overhead projectors are an essential part of many businesses and educational institutions. These devices help to display images on a larger screen that can be seen by everyone present in the room. However, like any other electronic device, these projectors can also malfunction from time to time.

Common Problems with Overhead Projectors

There are several common problems that may arise with overhead projectors such as damaged lenses or bulbs not functioning correctly. Other issues include image distortion or blurry images appearing on the screen.

Benefits of Choosing Vandeberg Imaging Supplies for Your Overhead Projector Repairs

At Vandeberg Imaging supplies we have highly skilled technicians who specialize in repairing overhead projectors quickly and efficiently using state-of-the-art equipment.

Our team has years of experience working with different types and models of overhead projectors so we know how they work inside out; this means our repairs will last longer than those done by someone without specialized knowledge.

We use only genuine parts when repairing your device which guarantees better performance after the repairs have been carried out making sure you receive quality service every time!


  • We offer affordable rates for all our clients regardless of their budget constraints.

  • Our customer care department is always available 24/7 throughout the year via phone calls or emails should there be any queries regarding our services offered etcetera.

Our Process

Vandeberg imaging supplies follows strict guidelines when it comes to repairing your projector ensuring efficiency while maintaining high-quality standards.

1) Identification: Once you bring us your broken down machine one o four experts will conduct tests identifying what’s wrong thus determining its exact nature hence providing an accurate quote before proceeding further whatsoever

2) Diagnosis: After receiving approval from clients based upon set quotes provided during identification process beforehand technicians proceed diagnosing where issue lies within machine fixing it immediately if possible ensuring avoidable delays aren’t incurred while doing so

3) Replacement & Calibration: If replacement parts need ordering (i.e., lenses), calibration procedures performed along them once ready installation commences thereafter testing done once more confirming everything operates optimally

Why Choose Us?

When choosing Vadenberg imaging supplies expect nothing short but professionalism given experienced staff handling complex matters related machines guaranteeing smooth flow operation after completion job assigned having confidence knowing everything works flawlessly till next scheduled maintenance checkup arises!

With over twenty years' worth expertise accumulated providing various electronics-related solutions including servicing printers/copiers/faxes/scanners/laminators/shredders/projector systems among others don't hesitate reaching us today inquire about wide array products/services available!


In summary:

• Vandeberg imaging supplies offers prompt & professional repair services helping organizations get back up running again promptly • Customer satisfaction is guaranteed giving peace mind knowing job well-done having being taken care professionals • Affordable rates charged ensure accessibility even entities operating tight budgets certainly value money received

For additional information regarding anything mentioned above feel free contacting us via email/phone call anytime convenient!


Q1.What causes my projector bulb not lighting? A1.Most likely cause would either overheating due buildup dust around fans causing clogging leading burnt-out lamp condition sometimes totally stopping function altogether necessitating replacements required fix problem arising thereof

Q2.How long do I wait before picking up my repaired unit? A2.Timing depends upon nature damage suffered earlier determined diagnosis stage beginning process estimate timeframe expected turnaround provided awaiting confirmation afterwards commencement work undertaken until finish line reached subsequently delivering fully operational machines back customers hands shortly thereafter

Q3.Can I trust Vandeberg's repair staff handle confidential material left behind during servicing? A3.Absolutely yes! At vandebergs’ confidentiality client paramount watched closely never tampered ever neither employees nor management level played crucial role safeguarding sensitive data entrusted facility safekeeping purposes solely!

Q4.Do You Offer Warranties For Repaired Machines? A4.Yes indeed warranties covering labor/parts used offered depending type jobs executed ranging anywhere between one week six months depending complexity involved thereof

Q5.How Much Do Repairs Cost at Vadenbergs' Maintenance Facility? A5.Cost varies widely depending severity breakdowns encountered ranging USD 50 upwards upwards often averaging somewhere USD100 onwards inclusive labor/part costs associated undertaking given assignment

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